Frequently Asked Questions

What is drop shipping?

Drop shipping is a process of moving goods from the manufacturer directly to the retailer without going through the usual distribution channels.    You sell the product on your site, then purchase the product from a vendor we provide at a lower price and pass along your customers shipping address.   From there the vendor ships the product and handles all other aspects, you keep the profit between the two transactions.

What do I get with your plan

With our drop shipping business plan you get the following:

  • Fully designed website, optimized for conversions in a highly profitable product niche
  • Over 100 products imported to start selling immediately
  • 24/7 Support to help you start your new business
  • Marketing material to start promoting our website
  • Free domain
  • Free SSL
  • Free Web Hosting for 1 Year.

What do I need to get started

To get started drop shipping, all you really need at most is a PayPal address.  Once you receive our package, everything is done for you and the business is ready to start selling.  All you need to do at that point is add your PayPal address to the website so that you can collect the payments.  We’ll walk you through doing this or do it for you if you wish.    After you are setup, you will need to start driving traffic to your site.  We provide a marketing guide to help you with this.

Is a domain included?

There is a domain name that is included with our package.  Once you purchase one of our plans, you’ll receive an email that will ask you which domain you would like to register and give you a link for suggestions.  You can always choose a domain of your choice.  This domain is registered for free for one year.

Are there any other fees?

There are no other fees associated with our packages.   The web hosting is provided for 1 year, and is $99/year after that.   However, you own the site and can move the web site to another hosting provider if you choose to do so.  We do not hold your data hostage, once you purchase the site it is yours to do whatever you wish with.

How much money can I make?

With anything in life, you have to put in work to get return.   This is NOT a get rich quick scheme, if you’re looking to make money online without putting in any work, this is not for you.   We’re not here to scam you and tell you that you’re going to be a millionaire overnight with no work, that is just not true.   We have clients that have purchased our sites and are pulling in $4,000-$7,500 a week, we also have clients that buy from us and never put any effort into driving traffic and make less than $10/week.  It is all about how much effort you put in to marketing your site.

How do I drive traffic?

There are two of different ways to drive traffic:

  • Free
  • Paid

We have some clients that setup Google Adwords, Facebook and Instagram ads to start driving traffic to their site right away.  These customers have budgets for this, and start making money almost instantly after their site has been delivered.  If you do not have a budget for ads, that is fine as well, it will just take you a little longer to start making sales.   We do have clients that spend $0 on ads and setup social media profiles to drive traffic to their sites.  While they have to work harder at driving traffic,  they do end up making a good amount of money and not having the overhead of the advertising budget.

Can I add more products?

Yes you can add more products to your site, or remove products from your site.  All of our drop shipping websites are designed in WordPress so that you can easily reconfigure if needed.

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